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Seat Module Options

Please see below for examples of the various modules of seating available for this style of venue. For a more extensive overview of model options and specifications please click on the appropriate link.

Apollo Seat

The Apollo is an aluminium rail mounted polypropylene injection moulded stadium and arena seat. The seat module is delivered fully assembled, ready for attachment to the seat support system.

Available in riser and floor pedestal mountings.

Please click on the seat image for more detailed seat information and specifications.

  • Apollo 2863

    Polymer Seat and Back
  • Apollo 2863N

    Padded Seat and Polymer Back
  • Apollo 2863R

    Padded Seat and Back
  • Apollo 2863RS

    Padded Seat & Back with Arm Rest
  • Apollo 2863RSC

    Padded Seat & Back with Arm Rest & Cup Holder
  • Apollo 2863RUB

    Padded Back & Fully Upholstered Seat Base
  • Apollo 2863S

    Polymer Seat & Back with Arm Rest
  • Apollo 2863SA

    Polymer Seat & Padded Back with Arm Rest
  • Apollo 2863SC

    Polymer Seat with Arm Rest & Cup Holder
  • Apollo 2863SCA

    Polymer Seat with Padded Back with Arm Rest & Cup Holder
  • Apollo 2863SCN

    Padded Seat and Polymer Back with Arm Rest and Cup Holder
  • Apollo 2863SN

    Padded Base & Polymer back with Arm Rest

Cathedra Seat

  • Cathedra 765

  • Cathedra 999M

Springwood Seat

  • Springwood Acoustic

  • Springwood Upholstered

JY780 Seat

  • JY780

Space Seat

  • Space Max

  • Space Plus

Tip Seat

  • Tip

Albany Seat

The New Generation Albany Seat combines style, innovative technology and comfort to put your facility in the 21st century. The unique flexing back and solid lower back provide exceptional support and avoids concentrated pressure points.

The Albany Seat is also maintenance free and has been tested to International and USA Standards.

  • Albany SA-AA-001

    Polymer Seat & Back
  • Albany SA-AA-002

    Padded Seat & Back
  • Albany SA-AA-003

    Polymer Seat & Back
  • Albany SA-AA-004

    With Armrest
  • Albany SA-AA-005

    Disabled Access Option

Other Tip-up Options

  • SS01 Seat

    Polymer Seat
  • SS01 TD-K Seat

    Polymer Seat
  • ASC 2010W

Unity Seat

  • Unity

    Polymer Seat

Other Rigid Seating Options

  • Arena

    Polymer Seat
  • Sportiva

    Polymer Seat
  • Tema

    Polymer Seat
  • BU Series

  • Palco Tribune

    Polymer Seat
  • SS02

    Polymer Seat
  • Pantera Tribune

    Polymer Seat

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